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2019 AAA Trade Show

Last month, we participated in our first Trade Show as a company! We loved getting to present alongside hundreds of vendors with almost 2,000 in attendance. It truly was so much fun. We got to be around some of the leaders in this industry and met many potential customers. Primarily, this show was for Apartment managers and companies who work with multi-family properties. Working on parking lots in these neighborhoods can be difficult. That’s why we pride ourselves on being as conscious of residents and their needs as possible during our installs. We want property managers and those tasked with the difficult job of managing a parking lot project to feel supported and informed.

What a great time! To check out the Atlanta Apartment Association and all the events they are involved in, you can find their website here.  

We can’t wait to exhibit again next year! Come see us and grab a pen or two (because you can never have too many!)